Rev Peter Unger – ‘An Instrument of His Love’ + ‘Grace Filled Man’

Rev Peter Unger offers advice on how to live a rich, satisfying life within these two singular pieces. By focusing on the simple joys that truly making a life worth living, Rev Peter Unger’s music touches upon the inner truth that a good life is the life fully examined. To care for others, to have loved ones in a life, that is more important than anything else.

‘An Instrument of His Love’ –

This is perhaps best exemplified on “Grace Filled Man”. Within this singular entity, the way that the song unfolds how a masterful quality to it. Guitar chords have a graceful quality to them as the song reveals its inner truths. Stylistically, the way that the song evolves gives in a light, airy feeling. Rev Peter Unger’s voice has an optimism to it, one that leads the song forward. Deeply moving in its tenderness is “An Instrument of His Love”. Right to its very core it is thankful for all the power that can come through the power of music. The arrangement has a series of neat and clever twists woven into its very core. Gradually the song builds up in terms of energy, growing ever more powerful with each reiteration of the sound. Rev Peter Unger’s cyclical approach to the sound allows it to grow in power as it zooms out to focus on building community and finding trust in others.

‘Grace Filled Man’ –

Within these two pieces, Rev Peter Unger explores the grace that comes from believing in a true higher power, one who gives us strength.


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