A Closer Look at the Different Ways Music Can Improve Your Life

Music is a bigger part of our lives these days. It is now part of our culture and is being used in different parts of everyday life. It is an industry in which many people forge their careers. More importantly, it is known to have a greater impact than we once thought.

Recent studies have uncovered ways that music is actually improving life. You may be affected by music already and have not realized the positive benefits it brings. That is why, in this article, we are taking a closer look at the different ways music can improve your life. Let’s get started, shall we?

Music as an Emotional Tool

Kent State University and its online masters in music program recently compiled studies that revealed how music is a handy emotional tool to have. Music can be used to express a wide range of emotions and by doing so, you are actually increasing your ability to express emotions in a positive and effective way.

The online MME program also lists the ways music is used as a cross-modal tool. Scientists have found that the experience of listening to music releases dopamine, triggering a stream of pleasure from the brain. Music with a strong beautiful-but-sad tone can also help you recover when you are feeling sad.

These studies are being used in many parts of your life. When you enter a department store and you hear music playing in the background, you are listening to specifically-selected tunes that are affecting your shopping behavior. In restaurants, music with a faster beat caused you to eat faster, allowing the restaurant to have higher turnover.

Music Improves Creativity

Music has a known effect on creativity. The next time you experience a writer’s block or a deadlock, try playing some soft tunes in the background. The songs will not only help you focus better but will also trigger the creative side of your brain more effectively.

The key here is not the songs you choose, but how loud they are played. Setting the volume to medium is the best way to go if you want to feel more stimulated. Too loud, and the music will turn into a distraction. Too quiet, and it will not produce a strong enough effect to help you get over those blockages.

Your Music Choices Say a Lot About Yourself

The songs you choose to listen to are actually saying so much more about yourself than you will be willing to admit. Recent studies suggest that taking a closer look at most frequently played songs can help scientists understand the subject’s personality better. Those favorite songs you keep playing on Spotify may reveal more about yourself that you realize.

The study focuses on five of the most observable personality traits, which are: willingness to experience new things, extraversion, sociability, carefulness, and stability. The most recently played songs also reveal a lot about your state of mind and heart, so the next time you try to understand how your close friend is feeling, a look at his or her recent songs may give you the answer you’re looking for.