Looking for CDN? Make Sure You Know Which Is The Best One

There are so many CDN solutions out there. There are so many solutions out there however that it can get a little confusing as to which one you should go for. It really depends on what are you looking to accomplish with the CDN service. Do you need a CDN that’s good for blogs? Or maybe you are looking for a CDN for video streaming. Either way, the same elements define CDN and knowing what to look for in a god CDN service will make the difference between you choosing one that is bad or just OK, and you choosing one that seems specially made for your website.

That being said, it would be helpful to go over the aforementioned important details that make a good CDN so that you know what to look for when you’re closing in on your market picks. So here they are, the top things to think about when choosing your CDN provider.

Loading speeds
Loading speeds are definitely one of the most important things you could think about before buying CDN. Loading speeds directly influence the amount of time it takes for your website to open after the command has been issued. If online users are tapping their fingers on the desk anxiously waiting for your website to load, that means you have bad loading speeds and you should get it fixed before there’s no one left visiting your website. CDN helps with this tremendously as CDN providers can offer servers that ensure great loading speeds.

Response times
Response times are somewhat related loading speeds in the sense that both refer to how fast your setup can respond after an inquiry has been made. And by inquiry we mean people trying to access pages on your website or using certain features on your site. Latency is what drives response times into the grave and CDN is what pulls them out and gives them a second chance.

Make sure that you’re getting CDN with 100% uptime. Having your website simply not be available between a particular set of hours is incredibly inconvenient. Not just for the users that visit your website but also for you. You are looking at major losses on the financial side if your website just doesn’t turn on in particular periods of the day.

The whole point of getting CDN is so that you can make your website fully available, with no latency, to people all over the world. CDN that isn’t able to deliver on that should be used since it’s not really doing what you sought out to acquire. Instead, focus on finding a CDN that has reaches on all the corners of the globe.