The Corridors – ‘End Of The Times’

Sung with great confidence, the Corridors delve into an impeccably crafted alt rock sound with the powerful “End Of The Times”. Poetic in nature, the songs are filled with bright airy textures. With great confidence, the Corridors bring hope and optimism through their thoughtful, reflective lyrics. Everything works together from the insistent groove to the clever nimble guitar work that graces the sound. While alt rock serves as the anchor of the album, the Corridors incorporate elements of shoegaze, indie rock, with a hint of classic rock adding to the overall intensity.

Quiet at first is the gentle opener “Stop The World”. From such hushed beginnings, the song comes into bloom in a graceful manner. A reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins defines “Autumn Leaves”. Gliding by in a blurred sort of beauty is the spacious world of “Delicate Condition”. Yearning rests at the very heart of “I Have Died A Thousand Times” with ornate layers of sound coming together in a stately way. Stripping things down to the essentials is the classically inclined “Grace”. Drums swing wildly on the impassioned “Chain Reaction”. Dreamy in tone is the surreal sound of “Free Spirit”. Intricate and elegant is “Empty Holes”. Layer upon layer work together on the psychedelic “Wild As A River”. Bringing the album to a close is the strong “Inspired Visions”.

With “End Of The Times” the Corridors sculpt a sound that emphasizes looking ahead towards better moments while leaving the pain of the past behind.


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