With 60 million plus streams across all platforms to date, Brooklyn based singer / songwriter Mothica has established herself as dark pops most viable rising star. Now, the singer- real name McKenzie Ellis-is ready to unveil her highly anticipated sophomore EP, ‘Heavy Heart.’

Out today, May 25th, ‘Heavy Heart’ first began to emerge earlier this year via lead singles “Sometimes” and “Self-Destructive.” Having been met with eager critical praise, and The 405 calling “Self-Destructive” “the best song you’ll hear today,” ‘Heavy Heart’ as a whole is an outstanding selection of pop-ballads with electronic undertones. Diving deeper into the remainder of the six-track EP, we hear Ellis continue to develop the somber aesthetic of the project as she explores a wealth of emotional turmoil, from forbidden relationships to inner despair via standout cuts like “Out Of It” and “Fall.” The poignant subject matter within the piece is illustrated via Ellis’ core stirring lyrical composition and impassioned vocal delivery.