Joseph Pagano – “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)”

Joseph Pagano sings a song of hope and redemption is “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)”. With a playful attitude to it the way the song unfolds in infectious, with catchy hooks dominating the song. A swinging rhythm comes into play as the way that the song works itself into a glorious rush feels fantastic. By far the heart and soul of the album comes from Joseph Pagano’s expressive, passionate voice. His voice has a light airy quality to it, one that makes it feel so approachable and relatable. The lyricism that drives the song forward has a thoughtful, highly articulate quality to it, possessing a keen understanding of the world.


A giddy guitar riff opens the piece. Things truly get started upon the inclusion of Joseph Pagano’s voice which truly serves as the heart and soul of the sound. Upon the rhythm section kicking in the song becomes quite energetic as it darts through the highly descriptive, almost poetic ruminations that instill themselves deep into the lyrics. From the song’s inclusion of melody adds to the overall power of the piece. Small details play a big role, the rather celebratory spirit of the whistle choir which feels like a particularly fine touch grace the latter half of the track. For its finale, the song wraps up in a glorious blur of sound.

Carefully crafted and downright joyful, Joseph Pagano creates an inviting exuberant sound with “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)”.

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