Greer Wilson New Single “Satisfy”

Greer likes a little controversy and isn’t afraid to push buttons. As long as he can remember he was drawn to pop stars who are provocative and do what they want to do. Whether it is in their music, fashion, live performances or videos. He is a 20 year old pop singer/songwriter from the outskirts of Boston, MA. He has been singing his whole life and making original music for the past five years. He is currently in the studio working on new music. His sounds range from pure pop music, to pop with rhythmic influences. He’s aim is to make music that people can dance to, have fun to, and get down to.

Satisfy- Greer’s new single “Satisfy” is an ode to making your partners wildest dreams come true. With a mid-tempo beat and catchy lyrics the song takes you on a journey of someone waiting for their partner to come home so they can get down and get freaky. This bop will definitely be on your naughty nights playlist.