Instrument Care 101: Top Tips to Help You Preserve the Quality of Your Piano

There is nothing like listening to a piano being played or sitting on a bench and playing the large elegant instrument yourself. You can enjoy time with the family playing beautiful music together for special events and holidays with the instrument. When you own a piano, though, there are some tips that you need to keep in mind so that it stays in the exceptional form that it’s in when you bring it into the home.

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Getting a Tune-Up
If you sit down to play the piano and notice that there are some notes that just aren’t hitting like they should, it might be because the piano needs to be tuned. Over time and playing the instrument as much as you do, the keys can get adjusted in a way that gives a sound that you might not like. Swelling and contracting with the heat and cold in the home can also affect the pitch.

Natural Exposure
Avoid placing your piano in direct sunlight in the home. This will dry out the wood and the keys. You should also avoid placing the instrument near windows and doors. Currents that come through the home can bring in unwanted air and moisture. These elements can begin to warp the finish while moisture itself can lead to rusting. All of these issues will only mean that the piano will dwindle downhill in a short time.

Moving Away
If you move in the future, you need to consider hiring a company to help in moving your piano. This is a heavy instrument, and it needs to be handled with care. Most companies have the tools and boxes to safely take the piano apart in large pieces or fully move the piano onto the truck so that it arrives at the new location. You can also hire a moving company, like Modern Movers, Inc, if you want to take the piano to a special event or a school so that you can play for other people.

Play On
The point of having a piano is to learn how to play it or to continue playing on a regular basis. You can teach your children how to play or offer lessons to those who want to learn. If you don’t play the piano, then it will begin to collect dust and develop problems that you won’t see as much if you continue playing regularly.

Your piano can be an item in the home that everyone talks about. It’s something that can provide enjoyment all through the year for hours at a time. Take proper care of your instrument so that it will last for years to come.