Positive Influence: How to Set the Example at Your Next Concert

Depending on the size of the venue, your next concert may be with several hundred or thousands of fans. Concerts are often associated with some bad behavior because large crowds encourage anonymity when stressful situations occur. You can be a positive influence, however, when you follow a few basic guidelines. Set the example at your next concert so that a positive experience is had by all.

Keep Your Ticket Handy

Seat mix-ups happen all of the time, and tempers flare at these moments. Set the example by keeping your ticket handy. When a person claims that you’re in his or her seat, you can quickly rectify the situation. It’s entirely possible that you’re improperly seated. Keeping your ticket in your pocket makes it easier to check the numbers and letters. Stashing it away in a purse or difficult-to-reach area will only frustrate everyone as the issue remains up for interpretation.

Be Courteous in the Bathroom

Being courteous in any public situation is always called for, especially when you’re visiting the bathroom. Look for any lines into the bathroom and stay put. Point out if any stalls are open so that the line can move. Maintain your patience with others as the bathroom fills with patrons. If you notice that a stall is malfunctioning or missing paper goods, notify the venue’s staff as quickly as possible. One, missing stall for a busy event will only make the bathroom line longer than before.

Prepare Yourself for Concessions

The concession line will be just as long as the bathroom line so be prepared for a wait. Bring a friend and decide on your chosen items well before the cashier asks about your needs. When you arrive at the counter, you can quickly list the necessary items in order to streamline the purchasing process. Ideally, collect the right change to pay for the items or pull out your credit card. These small courtesies will make the line faster as you set a good example.

Avoid the Alcohol Trap

It’s difficult to set a good example if you’re getting too drunk to be aware of your surroundings. To maintain a positive influence, simply avoid alcohol altogether. Drink water, soda or coffee to refresh yourself. Alcohol is normally overpriced at any event, and it causes you to act inappropriately at times. A San Antonio DWI lawyer knows that you don’t want to get a DWI on your way home anyway, that would ruin the night. Reserve any drinking for when you arrive home and want to unwind from the night’s festivities.

Take Seating Cues from Your Surroundings

Every concert has its own vibe or personality. Take your social cues from the surrounding crowd. If everyone jumps to their feet when the headliner arrives, you’re welcome to stand and dance a bit in your immediate area. When the crowd remains sitting for most of the concert, don’t be rude by standing up and blocking the view. You’ll only upset the people around you.

Be Patient upon Exiting the Venue

Driving to any event means that you need to park and exit the facility in the same manner. When the event lets out, everyone wants to leave at the same time. Set a positive example by being patient. Allow people to pull out so that some of the crowd disperses while you relax in your car. Leave when there’s enough space to reasonably pull your car into the exiting line.

At times, negative situations arise that are difficult to avoid. A belligerent fan might single you out for a heated conversation. The best strategy to resolve the situation is just by walking away and allowing the person to vent their frustrations otherwise. Being a positive influence means that you know the difference between hostile and manageable situations. There may be no winning when it comes to certain issues. Be the bigger person by simply leaving the conversation open.