Kathryn Shipley – ‘Shine Your Love’

Gar Francis was just mentioned in regards to his own piece of work “Step X Step”. But as mentioned there he is a song writer of sorts, so of course his works would travel guiding and helping other artists, such as Kathryn Shipley. Gar Francis writing her latest and newest track called “Shine Your Love”. It’s a gospel track fairly new piece of work, to be out via the Bongo Boys label and company.

That said, how well do Gar and Kathryn work together as two different artists, well as it so goes, “Shine Your Love”, ends up being quite the hit. Would not go as far as calling it a one hit wonder of a hit. But a hit to say the least. It ends up being one of those gospel church tunes that you would likely hear strolling into church, if not perhaps even played on the radio on some religion channel or online music service. It is a very easy listening experience, as the song is indeed gospel based but has some soul flare going for it as well. You could really embrace the vocal efforts that Kathryn Shipley puts into the song. She has depth, energy, as well as pride and passion to boot. Her vocal range is decent, really catching and enjoyable from all sides. She has that effect on the listener that has you wanting to hear more from her, if she has such works, then go for it full force, as she has the talent in check hands down.

“Shine Your Love”, as a song on its own is enjoyable, a happy easy listening experience, that has a flow of energy attached to it, that makes it really stand out. The track itself is one of those that can be heard again and again without feeling a annoyance from it. It is that gripping that you find yourself smiling when hearing it, no matter the part that is playing from it. The writing portion from Gar Francis is done well, the lyrics suit the music well enough that they go easily together. If not even a perfect fit at that. Besides that though the artwork that goes along with this single is done rather well too. It really captures that feeling of the soul, a cloudy yet sunny scenery with brightness shinning through, helps create the environment that “Shine Your Love” is trying to persuade.

Kathryn Shipley and Gar Francis work well together. “Shine Your Love”, as a whole, is a top notch hit. One you can enjoy from time to time. if not that then perhaps giving it just a few more times of a listen will change your mind set. Otherwise not more else can be said about it. All that has been said, really sums it all up pretty much. It’s a gospel track with some soul influence that will shine on through, keeping all who hear it, breathing in the light, air, and sound waves of its energetic proportions. If that does not do it for you, then perhaps this may not be the track for you, which ends up being just fine and dandy at that.


By: Natalie Perez www.nataliezworld.com – natalieannnperez@gmail.com