Rugby Road – ‘Rugby Road III’

Rugby Road neatly embody a laid-back indie rock vibe alongside a slightly bluesy sound with “Rugby Road III”. With a strong emotional core, the vocals have a soulful tender quality to them. Over the course of the collection Rugby Road show off their impressive storytelling, letting every song represent yet another snapshot of a life lived most fully. By choosing such a style the pieces radiate with hope for the future. It is this moving forward, the desire to improve, that allows the sound to continually feel rich and full of life.

Elaborate in style is the powerful work of “Back to You”. Featuring a rather triumphant sounding piano, the work delves deep into gospel and the blues. Towards the very end the chorus work fantastically as Rugby Road chooses to go for a more swinging sound, letting the entirety of the piece slowly breakdown. Much more mellow in temperament is the dreamy atmospheres of “Give It Away”. Keyboard work reflects a sort of progressive rock mellowed style, for the many layers at times hint at a classical style. Elegant and tasteful is the reflective sound of “Spoken For” where the glistening piano adds to the overall mood of the piece. Easily the highlight of the collection is the wild and free “Nobody (needs To Know)”.

On “Rugby Road III” Rugby Road explores the world and the impulses that lead people to do what they do, and how they can change for the better.

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