Rainy Milo EP ‘I Knew I Had A Heart (Because I Felt It Breaking)’

Following the release of single “Swimming On Me” Rainy Milo is back with her new EP ‘I Knew I Had A Heart (Because I Felt It Breaking)’ which is out now.

“Knew I Had A Heart (Because I Felt It Breaking)” is my first project release since I was 17 and I’m so excited for my listeners to hear my growth musically. I see every project as a representation of moments in time for me and this EP is simply me documenting where I had been at the past couple of years, and is the opening chapter to my sophomore album out later this year.”

When asked about the single “Swimming On Me”, Milo spoke about where the unique song title and theme developed from; ‘”Swimming On Me” is one of the most ‘in my feelings’ moments I think I’ve ever allowed myself to be on a track. I have so much love for this song for that reason, even though the foundation of the song itself was built on hate and a very particular type of pain. One that I’m sure many people who hear this track will have felt before.”