Jacob Didas – ‘Lucid’

Adventurous to its very core, Jacob Didas weaves together a wide variety of styles on the multifaceted “Lucid”. From industrial to classical to hip-hop to rock, the songs feel boundless full of endless exploration. Within this approach, the songs are strongly anchored with a catchy, pop-orientated core. Flows are incredible as Jacob Didas chooses a highly articulate, thoughtful take. Stories unfold over the course of the album, ones that reveals a life lived most fully. Thanks to this narrative the songs gain greater power as they wash over with purpose.

“Drumroll” opens the album off in true style. Throughout the track, Jacob Didas chooses to bring together industrial, noise, all anchored by a loose beat. Hard to pin down is the tension-fueled “Manic”. Choral and classical come together on the cinematic “Deluded”. Energetic to its very core is the album highlight, the infinitely catchy in flux spirit of “Wagwan”. Insightful piano comes into the fray on the flexibility of “Phantom” which oftentimes hints at a theatrical side. A small triumph appears out of the clear-eyed reflections of “Homebound”. Psychedelic guitar work adorns the weird and wild presence of “Octane”. Percussion pours onto itself working into an outright frenzied atmosphere. Ending the album off on a meditative note is the self-reflection of “Vision” whose quiet temperament neatly summarizes all that came before it.


Jacob Didas opts for a nimble lyrical and instrumentation approach on the gorgeous dreamy blur of “Lucid”.

By – beachsloth.com