Tripp Denom – ‘The Funktional Addict E.P.’

Chilled out to its very core, Tripp Denom’s “The Funktional Addict E.P.” exists in a delightful haze. With a wonderful dazed delivery, the songs are luxurious, decadent even with their flawless production. Best heard with headphones for maximum effect, the songs are surreal with their spacious sounds. Flows are phenomenal nicely meshing with the mellowed grooves that adorn the collection. Stylistically, Tripp Denom borrows liberally from funk, jazz, rock, and ambient while framing everything within a light hip-hop rhythm.

Setting the tone for the collection is the snare heavy, bass drops of “O.K.C.”. Featuring K-Buck and Captain Atlanta the song explores a fine hybrid of styles, letting a blistering guitar solo close things off right. K-Buck’s tight delivery adorns the intense energy of “B4IGo2Sleep”. Much more minimal in tone is the nimble rhythms of “Eyes Wide” where the song’s infectious energy is quite inviting. Reminiscent of the best of chillwave is the collection highlight, the infinitely stylish “Coupe Life (Smoke & Ride Mix)”. Cinematic heavy synthesizer stabs add to the overall grace of the track. With a melody that lingers in the mind long after the song is over, the feeling is one of pure bliss. A blurred beauty comes into view on the dreamy “Bright Lights Fast Living” with K-Buck’s vocals creating a snapshot of a life lived most fully. Ending things on a high note is Layzie Bone & Courtney Grace’s imagery on “One Time”.

Tripp Denom sculpts a fine series of songs with the elaborate otherworldly style of “The Funktional Addict E.P.”.

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