Feel & Look Your Best With KETO-OS

KETO-OS is the abbreviation for the product named Ketone Operating System. It is the latest product by Pruvit in its production of supplements. Keto-os has a wide variety of benefits, and as such is referred to as an exogenous supplement. Here, we explain the mechanisms of this product and why it would go a long way in helping you improve your health and overall physical fitness.


“Hi everyone when I first heard about Keto//os I thought just another crazy product. A friend of mine who I served in the Marines with turned me onto the product. I didn’t do much research just went for it to see what would happen. I was just trying to tone up and lose my 44 year old spare tire. After 2 months I not only have lost that I have learned that there is way more to this product and eating a Keto based diet than expected. I’m also a musician and play acoustic shows. I had a show coming and very little time to practice between work and a 2 year old boy. I started noticing though that learning a couple new songs came very easy. I played a two hour show and didn’t have to use any lyrics sheets to help this was very interesting to me. I phoned a friend who is very knowledgeable about Keto diets. He told me this very due to the enhanced memory skills and awareness or sharpness that comes from Ketoses. I used one pack an hour before my show not only did I have awesome energy I had awesome memory. One suggestion I can make is don’t use the caffeinated one because it did dry my vocals out a bit. All in all it was one of my best shows in years!!” – Troy Lindsey – www.troylindsey.com – Independent Prüvit Promoter

What are ketones and how are they involved in ketosis?

Ketones are the building blocks of fat in your body. When you undergo long periods of low carbohydrates in your diet, the body reverts to breaking down fat to produce energy for its functioning.

Fats are broken down into ketones, which are then converted into energy for the body to use in a process called ketosis. Burning fat instead of the daily-ingested carbohydrates causes one to lose weight rapidly since the carbohydrates stored in the body are stored as fat.

Once you take a dose of keto-OS, its unique formula introduces an increased number of ketones into your body’s system. The body then burns these ketones instead of carbohydrates. As such, the body burns a higher amount of fat as compared to regular dieting. This leads to faster weight loss.

Ingredients in Keto-OS

Keto-OS contains the following ingredients: Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Powder, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), Natural Flavor, Malic Acid, Stevia, and Caffeine.

BHB is the key ingredient in this product. It is the source of the ketone bodies that trigger your system into ketosis.

The addition of MCT oil aids in slowing down the body’s rate of digestion once the product is consumed. As such, users experience minimal digestive issues with the ingestion of this product. This enables you to continue with your activities without being hindered by the stomach ailments. In line with this formula, Pruvit owns the global rights to the production of Keto-OS.

Safety Concerns

Keto-OS is very safe to use. The product has been approved by doctors and has research backing its functioning from the University of South Florida. Additionally, the product has been tested in laboratories where its benefits have been proven. Keto-OS also has a certificate of analysis that shows its purity, efficiency, and its ingredients. Additionally, the product is in a patenting process which assures you consistent quality in manufacturing, since the only producer is only Pruvit.

Side Effects

So far, very few side effects have been recorded with the use of this product. Only digestive issues have been observed to a small extent, and these can be avoided with the supplement’s proper intake.

How do I take Keto-OS?

Add the recommended dosage to 8 – 10 oz of water and drink the solution. In the case of taste concerns, you can also add the product to coconut water or unsweetened almond milk.

The Health Benefits of KETO-OS
• Rapid weight loss, as explained in the ketosis process
• Efficient protein synthesis which goes a long way in athletic performance and building muscle
• Appetite suppression, which aids you in sticking to a diet or eating less frequently
• Improved cognitive functions, which leads to better focus overall
• Better sleep
• The product’s anti-inflammatory properties decrease your body’s inflammation
• Increased sense of well being

The product only takes 15 to 30 minutes after ingestion to begin the ketosis process, and as such, benefits can start to be experienced in less than an hour.

Keto-OS is the way to go if you are looking for a multi-benefit supplement to improve your overall physical fitness and to lose weight.