Tony Lindsay – ‘Only If You Knew What My Eyes See’

Guitarist, vocalist, and percussionist, Carlos Santana, best known to lead the Latin rock band of the same name, simply called Santana; has not only had Carlos Santana do vocal work, but has had other vocalists come in, including Tony Lindsay. Whose frontman work for Santana has been going on for 25 years now. That said though, Tony Lindsay has released solo works, including his most recent, being a self-titled effort, with a song, turned single, made into a video called “Only If You Knew What My Eyes See”.

This track, delivers a soul driven international Smooth Jazz tone and genre aspect, of smooth jazz, jazz, r&b mixed in with some pop rock as well. It brings out the classic era of the 70’s and 80’s having his style sound a lot like, Earth, Wind and Fire, if not Santana’s tone just slightly, with other acts from the past, including Stevie Wonder, The O’Jays, and Heatwave. The song was written by Tony Lindsay himself, as well as Randy Emata. It was produced by Los Angeles producer and composer Randy Eamata, with executive producer and Canadian David Case. But besides all of that, the song itself, had made the Billboard Top 100 listing for the Smooth Jazz Charts. Going on to hit the U.S. top 20 Smooth Jazz digital charts, and hit the number 1 spot in Canada. In short, this song being labeled by many including myself, as that “feel good” song, has made the charts and radio stations from all over the place. Having it’s style expand the genres mentioned, as well as being included to bring out the urban and soul styling’s just a bit.

“Only If You Knew What My Eyes See”, is that type of song, you could throw on, for that special someone, romantically or otherwise, because all can enjoy it’s easy listening, yet easy going style, it’s progressing out to the listener at hand here. Other people on the net, says that’s the song is beautiful, romantic, absolutely amazing, to love it! Lots of people have their say about this song and it shows, so well, that all can take it in, no problem. As for the video to accompany this song, it follows the story of a man and women, in love, and the man showcasing his love for his women. Not in sexual manner but in a traditional manner, taking her out, showing her how someone can treat the other, that they really care about. Having the guy see the inner beauty, than just the outer beauty, if you get what is being said here. So in other words, the video that goes with this song, is very touching and heartfelt, and indicates what a real romance is truly all about and it is a beautiful sight to see really.

It brings out that happiness and warmth inside, having you stop to think about your own loved one’s not just your partner, if there is one, but the other’s in your life, including but not limited to family, and friends, but others you may have encountered, love can be tossed around, from all over the place, and it just takes a simple way to show it off.

That is what Tony Lindsay has done here with his song and video for “Only If You Knew What My Eyes See”. It showcases the passion and love for one person, in his sense, but it really expands upon and beyond that, going into the lengths of your family and friends, if not others around you. It’s all about what your eyes see, and how you perceive the person as a whole.

By: Natalie Perez – |