Mark The Hammer and PC Patton Video “Never Stay Down”

Mark The Hammer and PC Patton are a duo fervent about crafting the greatest possible music and video accompaniment to share their affirmative message through their group, TeamBSRMusic. This poignant new track, “Never Stay Down” contains the same vow of strength, spirituality and positivity that they aim to spread every day. A simple, synth-filled loop that would make any hip-hop fan bob their head sets the foundation for this song, while a soulful delivery will make you hear hints of their wide variety of musical and personal inspirations.

TeamBSRMusic’s purpose is to bring real hip hop to the world and show people that rap music can be heard as something positive. Coming from the streets and addiction, heading to a new life, formerly known as the “Locsta” Marcos Jaquez, aka Mark The Hammer ran the streets with gangs and was deep into addiction until he was saved by faith. Now reborn through Christ and re-purposed, Mark The Hammer is a lyrically-versatile tool that uses his wordsmith ways to reach people in gangs and those who struggle with addiction, through their faith. Michael “P.C.” Patton is featured on the track. P.C. is the CEO of Team BSR Music and his purpose is to bring “true” hip-hop back to the masses. With lyrics of life experiences from all aspects, PC brings a rugged but real flow to the game. He has graced the stage with many different artist and people such as, T-Bone, Pyrexx KB from Reach Records, Suzy Rock, and Rudy Love Jr, Bizzle, Sevin, and Datin from God Over Money, Thi’sl and 2 Pac’s sister Set Shakur just to name a few.

“Never Stay Down” is a cinematically humble video transmitting an important message of continuing to stand tall with the help of their faith no matter how many times negative influences try to push you down. Displaying people struggling with living happy lives, the video matches the powerful lyrics of how their faith lifts people up, with Mark the Hammer and PC Patton delivering the touch of their spirituality to struggling strangers, helping them overcome their issues. From there, a chain reaction ensues with those who have found the word of their faith helping others who grappled like them; a Pay-It-Forward situation, if you will. These rappers are turning rap stereotypes on their head and starting a new dialogue of hope and trust in the process.