Keeping Your Home Clean This Summer: 4 Tips For Making It Possible

Before long, summer will be here and the kids will be out of school. While it may have been easier to clean house during the day when they were gone, you get a whole new situation during summer vacation. According to a survey from, Americans spend nearly two hours per day doing housework. You want to have quality time with your family instead of spending every waking moment with a broom and dustpan.


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If you want a spiffy house this summer without sacrificing relaxation around the pool, here are four great cleaning hacks:

Diligent Decluttering
Have you ever watched the popular television show that features homeowners who are drowning in their own hoard? You probably do not have such an intense problem, however, you may be surprised at the clutter around your house. If you consider all the junk that each family member has, it can be considerable.

When you declutter your house, you will find space that you never knew existed. An article from explains the correlation between stress and clutter. A decluttered house helps destress the atmosphere in your home. Remember this standard: if you have not worn or used an item within six months, it needs to go. When cleaning out each room, make piles to put things in that you plan to donate and those that can go into storage. The rest can be recycled or thrown in the dumpster.

Outstanding Organization
After you have decluttered your house with a vengeance, it will be easier to organize it. When your closets and clothes drawers are not overflowing with unworn clothes and junk, then putting away laundry is a cinch. The same rule goes for every room—everything needs a proper place. You will find that housecleaning goes much quicker, and you will have time to bask in the summer sun!

Hiring Professionals
Your floors and carpeting probably took a beating from winter traffic. For a fresh start, you might consider having them steam cleaned by a professional. You can also have squeaky clean windows when you hire glass cleaning professionals like those with A-Plus Window Cleaning. Doing something like this can definitely help you save a lot of time and effort.

Cleaning Rituals
Instead of letting house chores pile up until the weekend, set aside a few minutes each day for certain tasks. Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes a day to quickly pick up a room and make it tidy. If needed, set a kitchen timer. Designate an area for each member of the family. When you keep the house clean during the week, you can enjoy summer bliss on the weekends.

Keeping house need not be a full-time job. If you get rid of useless clutter and stay organized, you will find time for other things. With a little work and cooperation, you and your family can enjoy a wonderful summer in a clean house.