Ivan Beecroft – ‘Believe’

Sung with great passionate is Ivan Beecroft’s pop perfection of “Believe”. Rather stylishly the song glides forward with great optimism even despite the obstacles that the world often places in front of people. Arrangements have a punchy amount of percussion behind them as everything simply comes together in a marvelous display of color. Melodies ties the entirety of the piece together for its soothing soaring sound works wonders further emphasizing the positive spirit that takes hold of the track. Vocals rest at the very heart of the sound soaring above the rest of the sound. Lyrics have a poetic, lovely quality to them as they nicely emphasize the importance of relationships and the difficulties that so often define them.

Drums introduce the album off on an energetic note. Very quickly the song settles into a steady groove. Piano leads the way forward, giving the song a classic sound. The way the sound evolves, incorporating synthesizer sweeps and ever busier percussion, makes it truly inspiring. Over the course of the piece Ivan Beecroft lets the textural qualities of the sound work wonders revealing a rich palette of sound. Indeed, much of the song develops into a colorful rather compelling whole, one which touches the very heart and soul. Throughout the piece everything moves towards that fantastic finale where all moves into a fevered frenzy of sound before it simply fades out.


Ivan Beecroft’s “Believe” is a compelling, concise piece, one whose message feels timeless.

By – beachsloth.com