Los Angeles artist Hydrah (Katie Kramarczuk), is in a category all her own. Her latest musical offering, “Ominous” showcases her mastery of two powerful genres: electronica and classical. The piece explores the underlying emotional juxtaposition between heavy electronic elements against soft piano and strings, that Hydrah describes as “a dichotomic tug of war between two elements, reaching a fluid balance, taking listeners through a cinematic sound journey. The track was written as an introduction to the EP as well as the introduction to my live set,” says Hydrah. “It has dark elements; the beat, the bass, the key, but the strings were meant to represent hope, inspiration and beauty, a theme I find recurring in all of the EP tracks.”

Hydrah first touched a piano at just seven years old, by twelve she was performing compositions by Chopin and Sibelius, and at thirteen began playing cello, playing in the orchestra all throughout high school, all while refining and building her vocal performance and showmanship with solos in choirs, and roles in musicals.