Saint Mars – ‘Ocean Blues EP’

Saint Mars delves into a dark beauty on the timeless “Ocean Blues EP”. Rather stylish, the way the songs unfurl gives them a truly majestic quality. Everything works together perfectly creating a vast tapestry of sound. Poetic lyrics are peppered throughout the collection adding to the emotional heft. A great variety of genres are touched upon: from elements of folk to post-punk all nicely framed by a gothic sensibility that helps to frame the entirety of the collection. By choosing such a varied approach the way the songs evolve, interacting akin to a series of suites, feels natural.

By far the highlight of the collection is the opener “Ocean Blues”. Reminiscent of Interpol’s work, the way the song unfolds is quite serene, at least at first. Attention to pacing begins the piece comes together slowly and carefully. The way the piano leads the way at first while the drums take their time in the mix gives the atmosphere a cinematic quality. Tension is built up over the course of the song only to be released in a wonderful climax by the song’s finale. Delicate in its approach is the classically inclined work of “Boys Never Cry” whose whimsical take is quite endearing. Bubbly to its very core are the fluorescent hues of “A Love Impossible”. Closing the collection off on a reflective note is the spaciousness of “Broken Prophecy”.

With “Ocean Blues EP” Saint Mars show the gorgeousness of life in the shadows.

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