Debbie Anthony – ‘All Over Again’

Debbie Anthony’s “All Over Again” does country just right. Serving as the heart and soul of the sound are Debbie Anthony’s powerful vocals from which all else emanates. Lyrically the songs focus on relationships and all the complications they bring. By choosing such an approach the songs possess true character and show off Debbie Anthony’s true knack for storytelling. Over the course of the album the way the songs come together is downright impressive, ranging from full-on rushes of sound to slower, more reflective pieces.

Starting things up on a mellow note is the clever concise work of the title track “All Over Again”. “Lucky In Love” opts for an alternative approach with fiery vocals and a strutting rhythm leading the way forward. One of the album highlights the guitar work is packed with emotion. Almost ambient in tone is the spacious atmosphere is the passion of “Anniversary Song”. Folk-inspired is the comfortable groove of “Loves Sees” with a slightly wry sense of humor adding to the song’s joyful spirit. Downright celebratory is the classic rock spirit of “Happy Girl”. An intimate arrangement defines the spacious work of “Faithful”. Intricately arranged is the multi-layered wonder of “Love Wins”. Ending the album off on a high note is the cinematic work of “Superstar”. Rather tender in tone, the piece has classical undertones that give the song a mysterious shadowy aura.

“All Over Again” is a warm memorable collection, one that taps into pop, blues, with the greatest of ease.

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