Howard Simon – ‘Visitors’

Sung with a true sense of earnestness is Howard Simon’s intimate folk offerings on “Visitors”. Possessing a great knack for storytelling the songs radiate with warmth. The delivery is all-engrossing for Howard Simon’s articulate engaging lyricism leads the sound forward. Arrangements are kept to the utmost essentials. His spry guitar playing alongside the rather mellow temperament of the tempos results in something that covers the gamut from the reflective to the playful, handling all with true grace.

Keeping things quiet and reserved is the album opener “Three Horses”. Putting on a carefully crafted story the way the song unfurls is downright glorious. The band comes into the fray with the nimble work of “The Librarian’s Garden”. Quite beautiful in temperament is the blissful “Sweet Little Mystery”. A jazzy approach complete with fanfare is the humorous stylings of “Antonia”. Tapping into a bossa nova sheen is the lush arrangement of “Normal Life” where Howard Simon goes through the many goals that life presents. Delicate and fragile is the careful arrangement of “Let It Rise”. Reflection defines the hushed reverence of the title track “Visitors” by far the highlight of the album. Offering up a powerful build is the multi-layered sound of “Where You Are”. With a rustic quality is the tenderness of “In Her Name” where Howard Simon touches upon Nick Drake’s penchant for poetic delivery. Ending the album off on a high note is the jaunty “Albion”.

Howard Simon sculpts a fantastic world within the colorful “Visitors”.

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