The myth of the phoenix is timeless and universal, a paean to rebirth and renewal that has resonated for centuries. The phoenix, rising from the ashes, brimming with new, vital life, symbolizes the ability to break free of bonds and summon the strength not only to survive but to triumph, to persevere—repeatedly and determinedly, without looking back. The phoenix charts our journey of transition—from dark to light, from weakness to strength, from hopelessness to newfound freedom. Within the story of the Phoenix we see optimism, joy and light, positivity in the face of adversity.

On her new single, “Phoenix” to be released on March 24th, with an EP to follow on May 12th — the singer Raven expresses and embodies the properties of that mythical, mysterious bird. When she sings, “We are the warriors, we are the fighters, we’ve got the power in us tonight,” she does so with willfulness, boldness and a stoic sense of fulfillment. “Phoenix,” is an epic tribal victory anthem, from a strong, shining new talent who, herself, epitomizes the song’s messages of empowerment and tenacity.