Natalise + the Sunset Run – ‘Glimpses of the Sun EP’

Delivered with true tenderness, Natalise + the Sunset Run is a powerful potent piece of chamber pop. Extraordinarily tasteful, the songs are imbued with a truly sunlit presence. Melodies glimmer in the softened atmosphere. Lyrics lead the way forward with the vocals resting at the very heart of the collection. Pieces play off each other revealing a careful narrative about finding oneself. Instrumentally rich, the group incorporates classical, rock, country, and electronica. By allowing for such a diverse range the collection has a full sound one all-inclusive and triumphant. Everything simply works, and the sound benefits from the group’s confidence.

“Abandon” begins things off on a giddy note. From the neon-hued synthesizer that introduces the piece to the powerful vocal performance to the driving rhythms, everything works. Opting for a bombastic sound is the gradual build of “Love Unconditional”. Easily the highlight, the way that the group lets the many layers raise up into a cathartic release is deeply satisfying. Letting everything loose for the finale the song has a majestic quality. Reflective in tone is the intimacy of “See Me” where the resonant strings seem rather glorious. Celebratory in spirit is the happiness of “Headphones” with small details coming together to create a communal spirit. Bringing everything together is the collection closer “The Lucky Ones”. Touching upon all that preceded it, the piece is downright glorious.

Natalise + the Sunset Run create an all-engrossing world with the lovely sound of “Glimpses of the Sun EP”.

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