How to Keep Expensive Musical Equipment Secure

Musical equipment is expensive; plus, you probably have an emotional attachment to your gear. Having your instruments stolen would be inconvenient and infuriating. Stop would-be-burglars before they can get their hands on your gear by keeping your musical equipment secure both on the road and at home.

Secure on the Road

Loading and unloading gear for a gig is one of the easiest times for thieves to snatch your equipment. To prevent theft during these times, make sure that someone you trust completely always has a close eye on the gear. Keep your equipment organized because it’s much easier for something to go missing in a disorganized mess. This is what happened in Houston prior to a massive sting operation in 2016 that led to the arrest of over 100 people.

Where you keep your gear when you’re traveling is of the utmost importance too. A car is not a safe place to leave equipment because it can easily be broken into. The same goes for trailers, so if you must leave your gear in a trailer, use a padlock on both the door and the hitch. It’s best, though, to always unload your gear into a safe location overnight.

Secure in Storage

If you need a home-away-from-home place to keep your musical equipment, your best bet is a secure storage facility. Look for one that offers on-site security or and constant surveillance cameras for times when security guards are not present.

Instruments are susceptible to damage from humidity and extreme temperatures. Therefore, it is also important to rent a storage facility that is climate-controlled.

Secure at Home

The best way to keep burglars away at home is with a home security system. An alarm system protects your house and its contents, including your musical equipment, whether or not you are there. The system will sound an alarm and notify authorities if anyone enters your home without authorization.

A security system can also monitor your home for smoke or standing water. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a fire or a flood, but if you do, alerts from your security system will allow you to take quick action to resolve the problem before it can cause serious damage to your equipment.

Musical equipment is appealing to thieves and susceptible to damage, but you can keep your gear safe. Whether you’re on tour or staying home, care and vigilance will help keep your instruments secure.