Finding A Music Friendly Home

If you’re a musician looking for a place to live, you have a lot of things to consider. If you practice an instrument on a daily basis you want to make sure that you are living somewhere where you won’t be bothering a bunch of neighbors at all hours of the night with those noises. Seriously, most instruments are not quiet.

If you intend to move into an apartment complex you could have more issues than if you rented a house. That isn’t always the affordable option, though. To save you some time and hassle, here are some tips to help you navigate home hunting as a musician.

Talk To The Landlord Or Property Manager

Talk to the company that manages the property you’re considering, or directly to your potential landlord. Be honest and open with your questions. They may know a little something about your potential neighbors that will be sharing walls, ceilings or floors with you.

You might find that your neighbors are musicians too, or that the person sharing the duplex with your works midnights so your nighttime practice schedule would work there. It won’t always be a positive scenario, but not all complexes are going to turn you down just because you play music.

Look Into Cooperatives Or Collectives

One popular thing that has been happening as of late in larger cities is the opening of homes that are considered art collectives or art cooperatives. In this type of place you might share living space with other creative people, and have your own room, but all of you will be artistic, with weird hours, and you may even have some practice space in the home that you share with the other musicians that might live there.

Consider Renting A Separate Practice Space

If the apartment life is for you and you don’t have much luck with finding a place where practicing your instrument isn’t going to have your neighbors calling the landlord and complaining all the time, you do have another option. Look into renting a practice space. It could be a friend’s basement if you live in a small town. Or, it could be a small studio space that may only run you a couple hundred dollars or less a month.

Rent A House Or Buy One

Houses offer the best opportunities for musicians to hone their craft. That is why you should look into at least renting a house, as opposed to an apartment. You may pay more a month, but it would be worth it to not have neighbors sharing walls with you so you can practice anytime the mood strikes you.

If you have the money, and the credit, you could consider purchasing your own home as well. Even people with bad credit have some options when it comes to home ownership. Look into it.