Daisy Jopling – ‘The Awakening’

Daisy Jopling’s “The Awakening” offers a sense of hope throughout these finely tailored eclectic arrangements. With strong roots in chamber pop, Daisy Jopling incorporates a wide variety of stylistic choices throughout the album. Classical, rock, pop, infused with a clear love of the theatrical make their way into the mix. Attention to detail is profound as her arrangements recall a mixture of Penguin Café Orchestra’s sense of play and the rather regal hybrids of Vampire Weekend. Over the course of the album the songs effortlessly play off each other creating a glorious swirl of colors.

Things start off on a triumphant note with the visceral sound of the album opener “Primordial”. String work is particularly strong on this piece as the symphonic approach adds to the cinematic quality it possesses. Quite reflective is the laid-back attitude of “Plastic Day”. Busy to its very core is the infectious rhythm of “Indian Jesus” where the multiple stylistic choices include such wonderful things as funk and jazz with a carefree spirit. Large and beautiful in scope is the sprawling ambition of “Awakening”. Optimism pour out of the fragile arrangement of “Childhood Dreams”. Within “World Citizen” Daisy Jopling lets the multi-faceted arrangement grow ever larger and more beautiful. Bringing reggae into the mix is the happiness of “Take Time”. Closing the album off on an introspective note is “Country Hope”.

On the jubilant “The Awakening”, Daisy Jopling creates an album full of passion and life.


By – beachsloth.com