How to Increase Patronage at Your Local Music Venue

The local music scene around the country is booming. Homegrown musicians are seeing support of unparalleled proportions. Many gougers have received their start in local music venues, and they are now success stories known throughout the music industry. These same venues need to attract patrons, however, in order to give musicians the crowd they need to get noticed. Here are 4 ways that you can increase patronage at your local music venue.

Vary the Type of Music
Some venues are known for just having one type of music, such as either rock or rap. That is fine, but increase the variety within that genre. Do not just have the same type of music night and night out. You need to vary the type of music in order to keep the excitement level up and people coming back for more.

Focus on Promotion
We get it – You are running a music venue and not an advertising agency. At the same time, promotion needs to be at the core of what you do. The bands will help you with this, but many people are looking for a specific type of venue when they are planning a night out on the town. Schedule bands well in advance of their play day and then exhaust of your marketing channels to make their performance known. Do not rely solely on social media either. While this can form the foundation for your promotional activities, other forms of advertising still work as well.

Preventative Maintenance
Sadly, many patrons avoid certain music venues not because of the bands that are playing, but because of the pests that are circulating throughout the place. We are talking bugs here. Use a pest control service and get a contract signed that provides regular maintenance. Professionals, like those at American Pest Control Inc., realize that if you can keep the place bug free, more people will give you their business. No one wants to listen to their favorite jams in an unkempt facility.

Make it a Complete Experience
While we understand that music is the core of your business, patrons today are looking for a bit more. If you do not provide it, you can bet that a venue down the street will. Focus on your drink menu. It you are a beer type of place, keep it cold. Don’t water down the cocktails. Provide high tech video equipment and lighting to create a more complete experience.

These simple 4 concepts will go a long way towards increasing patronage at your local music venue. Focus on each of them and work to build them in over time. You will enjoy more customers over time as the experience become more appealing to the masses.