After MILCK’s first single, “Devil Devil,” hit over 1 million streams on YouTube, landed on multiple TV shows and films including The Royals, Marco Polo, Lucifer, and Pretty Little Liars, and garnered her a spot on Shazam’s Watchlist, the Los Angeles-based artist found that her rebellious voice was gaining momentum. Her next single, “Quiet,” to be released via iTunes and Spotify on January 18th, feels perfectly timed as our newly elected leader has sought to silence any criticism he has faced and his egregious comments about women and minorities continue to circulate.

“Quiet” is a rally cry for men and women to not be afraid of their truth. It is MILCK’s self-proclaimed “thesis,” which she wrote as a rise against her own history of physical and sexual abuse, alongside pressures to fulfill commodified standards of beauty. “With this song, I feel like I’m finally allowing my truest inner self to be expressed,” she says. “In this time of fear, propaganda and discrimination, it is critical for our individual and collective voices to be heard. With this song, I’m saying I am NOT the woman who is going to stay quiet where there are figures who promote oppression. I want to encourage others to give a voice to whatever they may have silenced, political or personal.”