Kyla – “Don’t Ya Worry about Me”

Canadian singer/song writer Kyla Lynn Vezina or “Kyla” as her stage namesake portrays her as, has gone forth to write and record all new material, in the form of a new song turned single called “Don’t Ya Worry ‘about Me”. This song released through record label Bongo Boy Records, produced by John Lovaghy, with song writers, Kyla Lynn Vezina of course, along with John Lovaghy, Laszlo Koss, and Jacky LeDuc. Publisher behind it was Cosmic Forces Music Inc. with the studio being the same outlet with the location of studio space was Mascouche, Quebec, Canada.

All of that said, Kyla’s new song and single that is “Don’t Ya Worry ‘about Me”, is what brings to mind the classic time of the 50s, 60s, and tad of the 70s, is what is given off with this song. The vocal chords portrayed by Kyla herself are done really well, she has this soothing vocal tone, that just carries atop the music, as the music itself, being very easy going and laid back. It’s very enjoyable in the least, keeping the music flowing from the start to the end of the song. Lyrical context is very straight forward, having the content being about not worrying about me, as in her Kyla, she has nothing to worry about, and is just focusing on herself as of now, and what is going on as of currently, by the sounds of it.

This song brings out the rocker side of Kyla, since she has said that she has always been a rocker at heart. Her previous material being known for country genres, but she has written a wide variety of music and songs for many styles for herself and others as well. This song really captures and expresses her ups and downs of her own life experiences, as this song goes into detailing about. This song basically returns to her roots, of her classic style and approach to music making, having this tune be that much more precious.

This goes into much more details about this song and others to follow that the material Kyla creates, people will be able to relate to the songs more, as the lyrics will truly touch their hearts and the music will set upon a mood that will take them on a wonderful and inspiring journey to find themselves, as just as Kyla has found herself with her music.

“Don’t Ya Worry ‘about Me”, is a rather upbeat and catchy tune, that grips at the heart strings and emotions running through each and every one of us, that really captures what we are all facing if not thinking at the very least.

By: Natalie Perez –