Kambui Chui-Moore’s Debut Album

Kambui Chui-Moore is thrilled to share his debut full length album Confier today, January 17, 2017. Confier means “entrust” in French. Kambui delivers heartfelt lyrics covering themes of identity, vulnerability, and the fear of what’s next. Taking cues from James Blake and Kid Cudi, he creates otherworldly beats built on unconventional rhythms, sparse piano riffs, and multilayered vocals to be the emotive backdrop to his message. The production may seem minimal, but upon a repeat listen it’s clear that Kambui provides a nuanced complexity in his music that derives from his love of classical music. As his debut album, it’s clear that he’s holding nothing back.

Kambui Chui-Moore was born in Houston to a pastor and early childhood educator where music was the backdrop of their lives. From James Brown to Mahalia Jackson, music was always playing in their house but he was the only child of three to adapt his parents’ musical talents. Kambui first started playing drums in church when he was 7 and, with the help of his godbrothers, he began performing with local group Eternal Groove and played in his school’s concert and marching bands. Although Kambui came from a place of love and security, he never felt he had his own voice.