Quinn Hedges – ‘Slightly South of Stormy Clouds’

Quinn Hedges delivers an ornate arrangement of chamber pop on the cautiously optimistic “Slightly South of Stormy Clouds”. Instrumentations glistens over the course of the album with each piece playing off the last. Possessing a true knack for lyricism Quinn Hedges tells a story throughout the album. Over the course of the album Quinn Hedges at times recalls the timeless arrangements of the Decemberists. By opting for such a large, sweeping sound the album possesses great strength and power.


With a luxuriant cinematic sound is the album opener “Heartbreak Goes Both Ways”. From the classical underpinnings that introduce it the song later morphs into an elegant spacious rock-infused arrangement. Energetic and sunlit is the giddy “You Don’t Even Know”. Reminiscent of Lambchop’s sophisticated urbane expressionism is the jazz-infused delight of “Loss For Words” easily the highlight of the album with a memorable melody. Rollicking to its very core is the sweeping “Stay”. Light funk rises out of the nimble groove of “Fly Away”. Hushed and dreamy is the atmospheric work of “I’m Gone”. A nice buildup occurs on the spacious work of “Starting Today”. Stripping the sound down to the essentials is the reverent deliberate pacing of “Calm Down”. “My Angel” nicely embodies everything about the album: the way it gradually evolves, the attention to the smallest details, and the warmth that drives it forward.

Smart, stylish, and tasteful to a tee, Quinn Hedges delivers an unforgettable journey with “Slightly South of Stormy Clouds”.


By beachsloth.com