J-Anthony – “It’s Official”

Sung with true love and compassion is the spirited performance of JAnthony’s “It’s Official”. Offering a nice mixture of R&B, funk, and alt rock the song absolutely astounds. By far the highlight of the piece are the lyrics which focus on the concept of relationships. The encouragement of bringing a relationship to the next level, to meaningful commitment, gives the song a positive message. By opting for such a style the song offers a new way to look at togetherness, as a form of celebration of true compassion. Throughout the song the attention to detail is profound from the punch of the percussion to the steady strong riffs that dominate the sound.

Wasting no time JAnthony dives right into the thick of things. The song focuses on how two individuals can find each other. Evaluations of one another’s characteristics can take a long while. Sometimes the huge amount of dating one goes through to find that special someone can feel daunting. However, the hope that rests at the very heart of the track focuses on what that means. Upon finding the special someone it is up to both to truly lock it down, hence the phrase “It’s Official”. Although joy can come from dating, from experiencing new things, it is the ability to truly cherish someone that can make a person whole. For everyone has their missing piece and when they find it, it becomes something that changes their life for the best.

Timeless and infinitely tasteful, JAnthony’s “It’s Official” is a true gem.

By – beachsloth.com