Old-School Music: Bygone Ways to Rock Hard at Home

Music is the ultimate escape. Whether it’s an old album that takes you back to your youth or the latest hits on Spotify, music has a way of reaching, inspiring and motivating us unlike anything else. It’s only natural to want to make music an experience, and the best way to do that is by taking it back old school and embracing the ways music was enjoyed and made in the past.

Go Vinyl
Before iTunes, before CDs and yes, even before the fossils that are cassettes, there were records. Listening to an album on vinyl is an all-out event that produces sharper, crisper melodies and demands to be heard. Luckily, record players are still in production today thanks to the resurgence of vinyls as collector’s pieces from today’s leading bands and artists. Pick up one at your local electronics dealer or go full-on vintage and snag a genuine vintage record player on eBay or even at a nearby Goodwill.

Buy CDs
Who buys albums anymore? Not iTunes albums with their free exclusive tracks and pre-order bonuses, but honest-to-goodness physical copies of CDs? Some companies, like Pristine Sales, know how important actual CDs are to music lovers. Going to the store on release day used to be one of a music fan’s greatest moments, so why not bring back the excitement and start buying copies of your favorite band’s CDs? You can build up a great collection for around the same price you pay to buy all the songs online, plus you get the awesome experience of perusing the music aisle of Best Buy or even an actual music store.

Jam Out on an Acoustic
Making music is a phenomenal way to get in touch with yourself and explore your imagination. Whether it’s playing an ode to your inspirations or coming up with totally new and unique melodies, sit down and start jamming on an acoustic guitar or your preferred instrument. The digitalization of music makes it easier than ever to access tutorials and self-teach, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and learn to play. The best part about playing a physical instrument is that it provides a way to disconnect from all things tech that so many music lovers seek nowadays.

Stay True to the Tunes
No matter how you decide to enjoy your music, never stop exploring new ways to indulge your passion. If you love an artist, why not take the plunge and by their actual CD and listening to the whole thing without previewing any tracks online beforehand? Unplug from your phone or computer and spend the evening in lying on your back listening to the soft crackle and smooth harmonies only a record player can produce (even if you’re blasting rock!)

Music is a chance to get to know ourselves better, and the best way to experience it is by taking time away from all other distractions and fully dedicating our minds to the rhythm. Happy listening.