It is always a plus when you know what you want to do professionally at the age of 14. This was the case with Joe Vulpis, CEO of AP Music. At that young age along with his mother’s guidance knew that music would be his vehicle to success. The title of the company is actually his mother’s initials AP (Anna Prota).

Joe is widely known as the manager who assisted in the launch of mega star Lady Gaga but that is not all he has done. His roster of artists is a potpourri of major and independent talent around the globe. From the stardom of Lady Gaga to the Americana band American Nomads Joe touches upon various genres.

“It’s always nice seeing one of your artists take off knowing you had something to do with it. It certainly never hurts your bio as well. I feel these days when you do something good in the music business, it usually comes back to you. I strongly believe that artists more now than ever are looking for that partner whether a co-writer, producer, engineer e.g. that they can collaborate with.”

Joe has been in the business for some time and has lived through the shift of the industry from vinyl to cassette to CD and now streaming. His company was at one time the key source of an artists’ revenue. Artists now depend more on performances and generating revenue in that capacity which Joe plays the catalyst.

A pure example was the show that was held at Webster Hall with acts like American Nomads as the headliner. As you approached the door of the Webster Hall studio you can hear and feel the power of the music resonating and you knew that you were in for a rocking evening. It was refreshing to see a diverse crowd that took up the dance floor swinging and singing along with the performers. Joe Vulpis who put the lineup together was on the stage ready to introduce the next act. The young and old audience responded with the genuine enthusiasm.

“I received a request from an Americana label and a management company to see the American Nomads. Then from there was a request to see Courtney and Destiny and it turned out to fill the night with 10 acts. It snowballed into what we have tonight. Live Nation and Ticketmaster picked it up and we sold out.”

There was a nice mix of genres that graced the stage from dance artists like Sabrina Salice, Destiny Dixon to Americana bands like Courtney & Kylie Rau and American Nomads. The talent that took the stage was beyond what the crowd we believe was expecting. Joe put together a flawless show that only confirmed his attention to detail and perfection. The event even drew in Magazine Publisher Olga Papkovitch, Triple SSS Entertainment CEO, Esssence and network guru Billy Langella.

AP Music is a different kind of label where the manager / producer are like a family member rather than a distant corporate head. The communication and comradery that was displayed between Joe and the artists was heart-warming. This is all due to the professionalism and faith he has in his artists. It takes one to know one. Check out this unique label and for any updates of upcoming shows at – http://www.apmusicgroup.com/artists/featured-artists-2/

“I write like a vampire and produce one song at a time. The bottom line is you finish what you start and present the artists the best way possible.”

by Nick Christophers