It has been a remarkable year for Rev Peter Unger and the music he creates. We got to catch up with him as he celebrates the holidays and looks ready for 2017.

Where are we talking from today and how will you celebrate the holidays and New Years?

As a Pastor I am busy preparing for our Christmas Eve services. Something I become Painfully aware of around the holidays is how many folk in my church are hurting and Feeling alone. This prompted me to write a song for one of the Christmas eve services on this them entitled “Your Not Alone”.

What are you most promoting now in regards to a new single, tour, venture, etc?

For me ministry always is always my first priority, and tends to influence whatever music I am working on or performing. Were it not for my ministry most of my songs would most likely never have been written.

When you look back on 2016 what are you most proud of?

I feel pride in the way the better qualities shine forth, more often than not, in my loved ones, congregants and myself; something I attribute to a reliance on the Grace of God.

Looking forward to 2017 what are 2 music based goals you want to attain and how will you achieve that?

To keep worship in my church a vital, and relevant experience. For me my music is a one primary way to accomplish this.

When it comes to consuming music do you most prefer buying or streaming and what sites/apps do you use?

I stream more. This is probably because I am somewhat tech challenged, and don’t tend to download to many songs digitally. Thanks so much!