Nicole Michelle – ‘Listen’

Optimistic to its very core, Nicole Michelle’s “Listen” is a truly lovely piece of pop. Lyrics offer a glimpse in how a relationship can develop and change a life. Anchored by an infectious groove the song lingers in the mind long after it is over. Conveying a sense of purpose the song has a truly timeless style. Volume is an absolute must for this deserves to be felt as much as heard due to the overwhelming joyful spirit that radiates warmth.

Starting out on a high note, the resonant piano does fantastic work in setting the tone for the rest of the piece. Vocals are front and center as Nicole Michelle sings of hope, of simply seizing the moment. As she states “we have nowhere else to be” the song grows in intensity. Beats enter the mix helping to further emphasize the optimism that defines it. Over the course of the song the piece comes into full bloom. Layer upon layer of sound interact to create a sound that feels full of life. By opting for this style Nicole Michelle lets the song balance out between outright beautiful blasts of sound alongside introspective balladry. Towards the latter part of the song everything seems to come together, to create a vast wave of joy, one that carries the song to its cathartic finale.

With strong vocals that sing straight from the heart, Nicole Michelle’s “Listen” offer a beautiful bold work, a celebration of what makes relationships so strong. Should be noted that this single was written by Kalenna Harper from (Love and Hip hop Atlanta and Diddy Dirty Money).