KP Wolfe – ‘Exodus’

Defiant and inspirational, KP Wolfe’s “Exodus” is pop at its most passionate. Arrangements reveal a true knack for form. Beats hit so hard as they propel the songs forward with a strong sense of purpose. Volume rules over these songs as they deserve to be felt as much as heard. By opting for such an approach KP Wolfe ensures that the focus remains on her deeply felt lyrics. Reflections on relationships, life, hardship, these are captured with the greatest of ease. Stylistically KP Wolfe draws on a wide variety of styles from pop to country to even small elements of industrial ebbing and flowing out of the mix.

Starting the collection off strong is the choir of “Exodus”. KP Wolfe’s ferocious vocals make this one of the highlights. Rhythmic guitar adds to the overwhelming sense of purpose that the song embodies. Thoughtful and poignant is the tragic story of “Icarus”. By opting for such a style the song has a deep, emotionally affecting core to it. Gargantuan in scope is the emotionally resonant work of “Louder”. Exploring a gracious buildup in tension is the spacious sprawl of “Take Back The Ring”. Cinematic in scope the song’s epic grandeur works wonders, making it the highlight of the collection. “Until You Wake Up” takes up an eclectic style, as the sampled swirling chorus adds the triumphant spirit of the song.

KP Wolfe’s “Exodus” is a veritable battle cry for those who yearn for freedom, for purpose and for happiness.

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