Coral Creek – ‘Coral Creek’

Coral Creek’s self-titled debut is a triumphant take on the warm inviting spirit of bluegrass music. Nicely utilizing a loose, easy-going jazz informed rhythm over the course of the album there is something so inviting about the sound. Vocals are sung with the utmost earnestness. With a gorgeous snapshot of a life fully lived, Coral Creek dive into elements of nostalgia, growing up, and returning to one’s roots again. Arrangements feel naturalistic in tone as the way they unfurl gives them a casual, easy-going vibe to them.

“Way Back” sets the tone for the album. Passionate fiddle work alongside a rather gentle piano vamp does wonders for the piece. Interplay on the track is fantastic as the song has a lovely rollicking spirit. A playful spirit defines the celebratory “Mountain High”. Quite beautifully executed is the multi-faceted story of “Cryin Bout My Baby”. Nicely incorporating a banjo into the mix is the catchy “Cage Without A Key”. Balancing both a poppy structure with a folksy feel the song is by far the highlight of the album. Rich in texture is the languid dreamy work of “Ballad of Catherine Lee”. Nimble guitar work introduces the passionate rush of “God Is Pink”. Full of energy the song blasts off on an unbelievable amount of energy. Bringing the album to a soothing close is the introspective work of “Comes A Time”.

On their self-titled debut Coral Creek deliver an inspirational album representing the absolute best of Americana.

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