Joey Stuckey – ‘Six String Soldier’

With a rollicking, rambunctious spirit, Joey Stuckey’s “Six String Soldier” is a true stunner. Over the course of the album Joey Stuckey displays his impeccable chops that define the album. Blues help to anchor the album as all else revolves around them. A communal spirit dominates the album, whether it is the grandeur, stately rhythms or the large, dreamy choirs. Throughout it all the lyrics present a particularly potent kind of storytelling, one that ties the many pieces together. Quite gigantic in scope the songs are a force of nature, one that grows ever more massive. Cyclical in its approach the songs grow in power and intensity.

“Blind Man Drivin’” starts the album off right with a soulful organ vamp. Such an infectious groove brings the whole sound together. Joey Stuckey’s voice adds the overall psychedelic cool of the mood, as the song unfurls with true majesty. By far the highlight of the album it grows and grows in scope until it reaches a fevered pitch with the fantastic finale. Cinematic flair defines the lush work of “10,000 Miles”. A country twang infuses the love lost spirit of “Another Girl”. Spirited in scope the guitar work is downright incredible, as Joey Stuckey proves to be a true master. Closing the album off on an incredible note is the sprawling and ambitious “Mr. Mooney” where Joey Stuckey’s knack for creating a compelling narrative.

Joey Stuckey’s “Six String Soldier” possesses a timeless classic rock sound, one executed with flawless precision.

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