Brother Spellbinder – ‘When The Earth Was Still Flat’

Tender and lovely, Brother Spellbinder’s “When The Earth Was Still Flat” is chamber pop at its most perfect. Possessing great warmth these songs feel timeless with their gentle spirits. Quite eclectic in their arrangements moving from nimble guitar work to jazz flute, everything simply comes together in the most perfect of ways. By far the highlight of the album are the highly articulate, storytelling lyrics that serve front and center on each piece. With a poetic sentiment to them the lyrics have an optimistic, exploratory nature to them. A playful, twee quality permeates the pieces as they evolve in an organic, airy way.

Laid back tempos define the album opener, the dreamy mysticism of “Speed of Sound”. Elegant strings help the song truly set the mood for what follows. Quite gorgeous in temperament is the easy-going work of “Babel”. The way the song unfurls gives it a carefree, spirited vibe. Stripping the sound down to the essentials is the intimate “Flicker”. A crystal-clear choir opens the reverent “Madame”. Over the course of “Madame” the way Brother Spellbinder works itself into a frenzy is particularly fantastic. Impassioned to its core is the swinging rhythms of “Sara”. Bringing the album to a joyous close is the sweetness of “Josephine”. Easily the highlight of the album the tactile approach works wonders as the song comes straight from the heart.

Soothing and infinitely stylish, Brother Spellbinder’s “When The Earth Was Still Flat” is a true diamond, bringing together folk, pop, and a hint of the theatrical into a magical experience.

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