Not many independent artists today possess the innate ability to showcase an electrifying persona, with as sexy and sophisticated of an edge as electro/dark-pop singer-songwriter KOLE. On her new single, “Bloody Mary,” releasing Halloween 2016, she embraces electro influenced sounds, matched with dark undertones and lush melodies, showcasing her ability to write expressive lyrics and tackle complex themes. “It was a place in time where I needed to cut the cord of my past and come to terms with the vast changes I was ready to make as a writer, artist, and human,” expressed the songstress. By embracing those vulnerabilities as a songwriter, KOLE was able to channel a darker and deeper self on “Bloody Mary,” symbolizing a new chapter. “Bloody Mary represents the struggles of the chapters that were coming to an end and the baptism of truth of what is to come.”

The track’s visually captivating video teaser embraces similar themes, representing a new phase for KOLE as an artist and writer. “In some cases, it’s the death of my old self, the death of fear, the passing away of insecurities I no longer have, and the symbol of letting myself and people know I’m not the same girl I once was. It’s only when we are brave enough to bleed, brave enough to cry, when the magic happens.”