An air conditioner is an important part of any property. As a homeowner, you appreciate how important your AC unit is for your family during cold or hot weather. In some regions, the AC unit works tirelessly throughout the year. For a large home, you need a large unit but this affects your outdoor décor. While an AC unit is great for the indoors, it can become a blotch on your exterior décor.

Luckily, there are some ideas you can use to hide your AC unit without interfering with its performance. Take a look:

1.Lattice Screen
This is a great idea irrespective of the size of the AC unit. A wooden lattice is a great addition to the outdoor landscape and it does not trap the hot air blowing from the indoors. The unit is perfectly protected from the weather and you will have revolutionized your outdoor décor.

There are many designs of fences in the market that are not only beautiful but also sturdy to withstand weather elements. You can use a short fence to keep your AC unit away from sight. The color of the fence should blend easily with the rest of the landscape to give a seamless look to your home.

You can use tall greenery to bring your outdoor to life and hide the large box out of sight. The greenery can either be potted or grown on your garden but you should ensure it is not too close to the AC unit. There are many beautiful plants to choose from and they will bring your outdoor to life.

4.Dedicated Structure
Most contemporary designers are going for dedicated structures to keep away AC units from sight. You can build a wooden structure in any shape and make it a focal point of your outdoor décor and no one will even know it was custom made to hide the AC unit. For this to work, look for unique designs because everyone will be attracted to the structure.

5.Privacy Screen
This is an easy DIY project and you just have to buy a privacy screen that blends with the rest of your home. The screen should not be placed too close to the AC unit to allow for free movement of air. These screens come in various colors and you should choose one that aptly fits your home décor.

6.Iron Trellis
This is a great option especially in areas where storms are frequent. You will not only protect your AC unit from damage but you will also easily keep it away from sight. You can plant tall flowers around the iron trellis to add more glamour to your property.

If you are struggling about how to blend your AC unit to your outdoor, it is important to talk to a qualified AC man of Houston. These experts have a lot of tested ideas and even those that are trending. They will also recommend the most affordable ideas that suit your home’s AC unit.

Author Bio
Tom McCaughey is an AC man of Houston boasting over 20 years in the HVAC industry. He is also a blogger commenting on topical issues in the industry.