Morgan Wilson – ‘Fine’


Morgan Wilson’s “Fine” is poetic in its poignancy. Lyrically the song explores the sadness that can befall the end of a relationship, the small features that linger with a person long after parting. Over the course of the track Morgan Wilson reveals a true talent for form as elements of chamber pop, classical, with a hint of folk are woven together into a crafted whole. Attention to detail means that the song teems with life. Nicely bringing together her highly articulate narrative of how a breakdown can hang over a person like a gray cloud.

Patience serves the sound well. From the hushed beginning Morgan Wilson’s voice presents a commanding presence. A sense of strength comes out of her delivery as the song grows in size and scope. This dreamy atmosphere helps to further emphasize the recollections that emerge, of favorite bands of a long-gone lover. Sometimes the way a past relationship can hover over a person resembles a haunting of sorts as that ghostly presence remains the same in the mind. Her crystal clear voice offers a light within the darkened hues of the piece as it comes into bloom quite elegantly. When the percussion starts in full it feels truly glorious, like a small victory of sorts. Around this time Morgan Wilson taps into an inner strength, one that realizes there is no need to lament the loss but to grow past it.

Timeless and infinitely tasteful, Morgan Wilson’s “Fine” is an unforgettable piece, one that lingers in the mind long after it is over.

By Beach Sloth