Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, you probably spend a lot of time trying to be as perfect as possible during your practice sessions and performances. Some singers and musicians believe that they can positively enhance their natural abilities with drugs or relax themselves for a better performance with alcohol. Instead of turning to addictive options, consider these five alternatives:

Try Different Vitamins
A lot of people lack important nutrients that are responsible for better mood and energy. Some vitamins and minerals create and enhance neural connections in the brain and enhance memory, which can help you sing or play without missing a beat or forgetting a note or lyrics.

Get More Sleep
According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, sleep also promotes healthy brain function. The restorative powers of sleep can make you more energetic and productive. More importantly, sleep helps people be more creative. For example, musicians who get enough sleep are actually more capable of learning new instruments than when they’re too tired.

Jam with Professionals
Hanging out with professional singers, song-writers and musicians can enhance your next concert in so many ways. You can learn the healthy tricks that they use to enhance their performances. Additionally, interacting with and learning from those who have already “made it” in the musical industry can motivate you to do better.

Pick Amazing Venues
Many singers and musicians who lose their license after drinking and driving can’t even drive themselves to a venue without SR-22 insurance. Professionals, like those at Great Northern Insurance Company, realize how much of a detriment this can be. A great venue can give you the boost you need to have a stellar performance without using addictive substances. When you’re clear-headed, happy, smiling, and having fun because of a fantastic event space, you will feel more confident and capable.

Practice More Often
Believe it or not, many musicians enhance their performances by simply spending more time mastering their craft. When you practice singing, for example, you’re less likely to forget lyrics or experience your voice giving out on more difficult notes. The same is true of playing an instrument: When you practice daily, you’re less likely to make mistakes. In fact, if you use your hands a lot, your body is more likely to remember the movements automatically through what is called “muscle memory.”

You can have an amazing concert without the risk of harming yourself with addition or others with acts liking driving while under the influence. Try these ideas out today!