Michéal Castaldo – ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’


Beautifully delivered, Michéal Castaldo’s “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” nicely delves into the powerful regal quality of Gregorian chant. Throughout the piece his approach harks back to an earlier time, one with a hushed reverence towards the world. Over the course of the song he reveals a truly ear for style as the classical arrangement tying the song together possesses a true sense of power.


Held, elongated vocals introduce the song. From such a strong sustained open the piece unfurls with the greatest of grace. Upon the first vocals being uttered within the piece the song truly gets started. Nothing is overdone. By keeping the sound to the essentials Michéal Castaldo is able to let the atmosphere of the piece truly sync in. Letting every word simply hover above with a true sense of purpose the song grows in terms of its undeniable strength. Gradually, the piece begins to evolve incorporating greater elements of sound. Fragments of piano are sprinkled into the mix. A rhythm begins to form out of the vocals, out of the melody and the swirling sea of sound that embodies it all. Towards the very end of the piece everything seems to simply drift away into the sky.

Akin to a force of nature in terms of its sheer grandeur, Michéal Castaldo’s “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” offers a sweeping, timeless atmosphere, one that draws the listener in with a sense of mystery and wonder.


By Beach Sloth