With West Coast vibes as a constant source of inspiration, tropical-pop, dance duo KOLAJ makes us feel as though it’s perpetually summer. In their newest, club-friendly single “Hitchhike” for Darkroom/Interscope Records, KOLAJ explores the feeling of freedom that comes with letting go—hitchhiking away from your problems. The track is fun, infectious, and will surely get you up out of your seat. As “Hitchhike” pulls from all different genres—rock, pop, and dance—the single stays true to the band’s ethos by embracing real instruments rather than sounds constructed purely from computer software.

In the music of KOLAJ, singer/songwriter Teesa Houston and producer/composer Mike McGarity build a brightly hypnotic sound that’s both otherworldly and organically crafted. True to their name (pronounced “collage”), the L.A.-based band pieces together disparate genres, dreaming up lush and sprawling dance-music productions but keeping rooted in real instrumentation. Also looping in tropical rhythms and dancehall grooves, KOLAJ ultimately create a brand of pop that’s immaculately arranged yet powered by a loose and infectious energy.