A lot has been said about the first and second dates but the importance of a third date shouldn’t be underestimated. If you go out with a woman for the third time, it already means something. You’re on the verge of entering into a relationship and if your third date goes off successfully, you can be officially called a couple. Use your third date as an opportunity to bond with each other. This time, you can be yourself because you know she accepts you for who you are. Here are some tips from Date Ladies that will help you have a great third date.

1.Act naturally.
You don’t need to prove how great you are because your woman already knows about your merits and flaws and the fact that she is still with you speaks for itself. You should be relaxed and have fun talking to your date. Share your passions and plans for future and talk a bit about your relationship.

2.Spend the whole day together.
Your first date was rather short, the second one lasted longer, but the third date is special and you should dedicate the whole day or even the night to it. For example, you can go on a romantic picnic. It can be anything but your date should last long as if you’re a couple that doesn’t care about the time.

3.Greet her with a kiss.
Since it’s your third date, then most probably you already had your first kiss. It means that this time, you have the right to start your date with a kiss. You’re attracted to each other and there is chemistry between you that’s why follow your desires and don’t be afraid of rejection.

4.Banter with her.
Now that you know she has a good sense of humor and understands your jokes, tease her and get silly together. Your previous dates were romantic and that’s what helped you kindle your love into a flame. Your third date should be more casual so that you can be yourselves.

5.Display your feelings.
You’re overwhelmed by emotions and you don’t care what others may think. So, nothing stops you from demonstrating your feelings for your woman. You’re almost a couple, so do what couples do: hold hands, hug each other even when other people are around, kiss.

6.Ask questions.
If you want to make something clear or have some questions to your woman, your third date is your opportunity to discuss everything. But make sure that she’s ready to open up that much. You can even touch upon your past relationships but don’t go into detail.

7.Make this date memorable.
Since it can be the beginning of your serious relationship, do your best to make your third date memorable. If you visit an art festival, buy something as a keepsake. If you go on a picnic, take pictures or selfies to remember that day. If you go hot air ballooning, you’ll definitely remember this date for good.

8.Become closer.
You should let your date peep into your soul and realize that she’s also frank with you. Get rid of tension and doubts by cutting the distance between you, both mental and physical. Your behavior should signal that you invite her into your life and you’re ready for something bigger.