Airdrop – ‘Serotonin Sunrise’


Airdrop’s “Serotonin Sunrise” taps into the spirited vibes of garage rock done. With a playful, loose style they come out truly swinging. Similar to the incredible band Harlem, Airdrop feels like that band cleaned their act up a little bit. Indeed, these arrangements are delivered with a bit of polish. The attention to detail is great, from the freewheeling rhythms to the sense of joy that permeates the lyrics, everything works. By far the highlight are the vocals which have a warm, communal sense to them.

Opening the album off on a strong note is the guitar athletics of “Victoria”. Soloing is amazing as the song’s high powered-energy is a true thrill. Much more psychedelic in scope is the mellowed out vibe of “To The Summer” whose sunniness is undeniable. “Dream Forever” opts for a laid-back attitude as the song unfurls ever so slowly. A true blast of sound emerges from the chaotic work of “What We Gonna Do”. Lyrics are delivered with the utmost of urgency as the song burns through its runtime with the greatest of ease. Downright lovely is the slow build of “I Can Do Nothing”. Riding the distortion is “Don’t Doubt Me Now” whose infinite catchiness makes it one of the album highlights. Hazy in tone is the spaced-out sounds of “Coffee Cup”. Bringing the album to a satisfying conclusion is the ambitious sprawl of “Easy Planet”.

“Serotonin Sunrise” presents well-worn, wonderful sorts of grooves as Airdrop taps into classic rock’s sense of discovery.

By Beach Sloht